Licensed and Bonded Private Investigator NYS#11000119967 FL# A1600221
Licensed and Bonded Private Investigator            NYS#11000119967    FL# A1600221


NY and Florida private investigators conducting surveillance on fraud investigations Fraud Investigations, Workers Compensation Surveillance, Disability Investigations

Workers Compensation / General Auto Liability


NY and Florida private investigators have been collecting video evidence and preparing detailed timelined reports for the insurance industry and private entities since day one.


We understand that these investigation assignments have a key focus on visual evidence and thats why our investigators use the covert surveillance skills to get the evidence without the arising suspicions of the claimant / insured. 


Our investigators will provide expert court testimony concerning the facts discovered.


Deadlines are key and so we concentrate on getting all assignments done timely and professionaly.


Communication is key between our client and investigator and so we are always available in office or in field via telephone, text or email.


private investigators court testimony

Attorney / Litigation Support


NY and Florida private investigators provide assistance on legal cases with dedication and vigor.  Our investigators are court tested, detail orientated and professional .



We offer covert surveillance, asset investigations, witness locates, neighborhood canvass, activity checks and accident scene investigations.



Private investigators assist in matters of child custody and child support matters. Child Custody / Child Support

              Child Custody / Support


Is your ex paying what the court ordered?  Is he paying at all?


Does your ex say they are not working but you know they are?


Do you believe that there are hidden accounts?


NY and Florida private investigators can help you find the answers and evidence needed for court proceedings. Our asset investigations can identify accounts domestic and international.  Our private investigators also have been very successfully in applying covert surveillance techniques to locate places of employment for individuals that work "off the books".


Missing Person

Runaway teenager?
Missing elderly loved one? 
Family and friends you lost touch with?
We understand how sensitive, confusing and upsetting these situations are.  Private investigators can utilize their resources to help locate individuals.  Our experienced investigators will use field work, information gathering and technology based investigations to locate the missing person.
Our offices are in Brooklyn, New York  and Boca Raton, FL but our reach is global.


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